Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Location - Boise, ID!

We've been at our new home for 2 weeks now.  I am almost done unpacking and finding where I want everything.  The house is abit smaller than our old house, but it seems more cozy.  We lived in a 3 bedroom 2 floor house for 3 years and now live in a 1 floor 3 bedroom.  The downsize is that the 3rd bedroom cannot be an office.  It's a nursery!  So we're using the formal dining room as our office.

The weather is taking some time to get use to.  It's almost always sunny here!  I am use to not seeing the sun for weeks at a time.  I was super excited to find out we have built in air conditioning when we 1st moved in.  It was THAT warm.  But now it's freezing! 

The neighbors are annoying.  Well, their kids are.  They were at my door 4 times a day for the 1st couple of days.  They are rather young, age ranging from 3-7.  Kids seem to migrate towards me, but right now, I could really use some quiet time, especially since my dogs hate them. 

The dogs... The drive here with them in the car for 13/14 hours was AWFUL.  Our shepherd didn't like when any of us left her view for potty breaks, she would flip out and try to jump through the car window.  She was being very protective.  My little dog was all over me, and was caught eating a McDonald's hamburger in the car...which made him sick.  The Valium that was prescribed for them didn't do anything!  and then was advised to pick up benedryl.   That seemed to knock them out for a while.  But made them sketchy and weird the next day. 

Other than that! We're settled down and getting use to it.

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  1. I'm glad you arrived safely! Now you actually get to set up your nursery and everything! Enjoy!