Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby News

Baby Isaac is doing great! His levels didn't go up as much as we were afraid of, and he seems less yellow today =) We went in for an appointment and were happy to hear that Isaac has gained almost 6 oz over the weekend!

Sleep is going good... I guess! Or maybe it's the excitement of having him, but lack of sleep isn't effecting me yet. He's such a lovely baby, I love him so much already!

He's been belly laughing in his sleep and smiling, which I thought was gas...But his Pediatrician said it's smiles and laughs from the little memories he has formed already. Who knows, I'll take it!

My breast milk came in Thursday night, which was a relief! This baby acted like I was starving him! He eats every 2 hours, and at every feed my breasts are so swollen full of milk, that he falls into a milk coma by time he gets the other breast.

Feeding time again! Hoping to get more time to post and catch up on everyone elses blog soon


  1. I'm glad that he is doing so well.

    I used to love when Maxwell would get "milk drunk" made me feel like the boobs had some sort of super power lol!

  2. what a handsome little guy! I am glad that his levels are doing good! Yay for new babies :)