Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Fall... -Updated-

 I had plans last night for a relaxing evening, with a Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte, Charlie Browns Great Pumpkin, then Grey's!  But like usual, something else came up....

30 minutes before Charlie Brown started we decided to take the dogs for a walk, to poop them out.  On the walk my husband was playing with my little dog, as he held the leash for the Shepherd.  He was jogging backwards as my dog chased him.  And then he fell...And Molly (the Shepherd) came to the rescue, and Nathaniel lost his footing again, and fell on her.

She seemed fine, other than wanting to be hugged, and stopping for kisses all the way home.  I noticed an hour later she was limping a bit, but that was her normal.  When she was younger she use to escape her crate and after the last big escape that made me put the crate away forever, she developed a wiggle in her walk.  When it gets cold out at night she will limp a bit, or after playing Frisbee for 10 minutes or more, she will limp a bit.  I assumed she had arthritis, or a hip problem.

Well, around midnight last night (5 hours after the great fall) she was crying really loud.  Usually she's in my room, sleeping on the floor beside my side of the bed with her head underneath...So I got up to check on her.  She was in pain, and couldn't walk.  I had my husband place her on her bed and she seemed good.

Today she's limping and crying.  So she has a vet visit this evening.  I am hoping at the least they can give her something for the pain, and take some Xrays to make sure nothing is broke. 

I find it stressful when my dogs are hurt.  =(  Especially since the moment they get scared or hurt they come running to me for help.

Praying that she will be alright, and that the bill won't be as expensive as the hospital bill that I got last week from going into preterm labor from dehydration and sex!


She has hip dysplasia, and arthritis.  She will more than likely be on pain management pills for the rest of her life, since surgery is not an option at the moment.  But she'll be okay!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food 11

This year Jayleen is in grade 11, and some of her extra classes sounded fun,...Sounded being the key word.  Maybe if I wasn't exhausted by lunch time every day it wouldn't be so bad.  Today she had to take a basic muffin recipe they gave her, make that, and then make a different version.  She had choices between extra fibre, and changing the flavor, or changing the fat and changing the flavour. 

Easy, right?  no, exhausting!  and the basic muffin recipe tasted like something you'd feed a toddler or an elderly person.

Did I mention my job was to stand by and only watch?  oh, and take pictures.  I think that was the exhausting part, just watching.  I am one of those people who would rather just take over and do it myself rather than teach someone how to do it.

So I gathered my pictures, and I have to write my part of the report and send my stuff in tonight.

Food 11 is hard, y'all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi nipples...

I know you're gearing up for the baby, BUT leaving big wet circles on my shirt when I am not expecting it, is starting to embarrass me.  Oh, and you could stop turning chocolate brown.  I sort of liked the light pink color you once were.  I am sure the baby will find you with know, since you're the size of dinner plates now, and a rich brown!

That is all

Pregnancy Update!

I am 24 weeks now!  Viable Baby!

I went in at 19 weeks for my Anatomy scan and had them reconfirm he had a penis =)  After the anatomy scan we went home and got a call that the doctor wanted to see us to discuss the findings.  45 minute drive back seemed like 3 hours.  Everything was going through my head.

Well, it was a doctor we haven't seen yet.  He was older and a bit rude.  Turns out he just wanted to say that the spine image he got was blurry, but everything looked fine and based on my NT, in his opinion, the baby seemed healthy.  What he really wanted me in there for was to discus my weight.

Are you kidding me?  I don't know how much I've gained with this pregnancy, and I don't want to know.  I know that I put on some of the weight I lost as soon as I started eating normally again, and my exercising had to stop due to bleeding at the beginning.  But seriously?  He lectured me for 20 minutes on just my weight alone.  I tried to make light of the situation by cracking jokes, and he wasn't pleased.  He looked disgusted.  And that's when I decided that I was happy we were moving, and I was getting a new OB.

Here is his 19week profile

1 week after being here in Boise I started to feel "wet".  So we decided to have it checked out and make sure it wasn't my bag of water leaking.  It wasn't...It was increased vaginal discharge and I may have peed myself...ya, weird, right? haha  But from that visit I was able to find my new OB!  He had me come to the office a week later for my 1st prenatal visit, and a quick ultrasound, to check on the "spine" 

This OB office is a bit more expensive than the old one, but way worth it! 

So here are some pictures of the baby at 22 weeks and some shots of me!  Please ignore the "myspace angles"  and the pouty looking face in one of them, I promise I was trying to be hot for my husband, not you =)

<----21 weeks

<----23 weeks

Location - Boise, ID!

We've been at our new home for 2 weeks now.  I am almost done unpacking and finding where I want everything.  The house is abit smaller than our old house, but it seems more cozy.  We lived in a 3 bedroom 2 floor house for 3 years and now live in a 1 floor 3 bedroom.  The downsize is that the 3rd bedroom cannot be an office.  It's a nursery!  So we're using the formal dining room as our office.

The weather is taking some time to get use to.  It's almost always sunny here!  I am use to not seeing the sun for weeks at a time.  I was super excited to find out we have built in air conditioning when we 1st moved in.  It was THAT warm.  But now it's freezing! 

The neighbors are annoying.  Well, their kids are.  They were at my door 4 times a day for the 1st couple of days.  They are rather young, age ranging from 3-7.  Kids seem to migrate towards me, but right now, I could really use some quiet time, especially since my dogs hate them. 

The dogs... The drive here with them in the car for 13/14 hours was AWFUL.  Our shepherd didn't like when any of us left her view for potty breaks, she would flip out and try to jump through the car window.  She was being very protective.  My little dog was all over me, and was caught eating a McDonald's hamburger in the car...which made him sick.  The Valium that was prescribed for them didn't do anything!  and then was advised to pick up benedryl.   That seemed to knock them out for a while.  But made them sketchy and weird the next day. 

Other than that! We're settled down and getting use to it.

Missing in Action - I'm Back!

It's nice to be back!

I had to take a -mini- blog vacation.  There was someone posting on my blog who really wanted my attention.  So much that he started to contact me via facebook, and through family.  WEIRD.  So I took my blog down for a bit to help them forget about me =]

So much to catch up on!  Time to flood y'all with some updates =)