Thursday, June 2, 2011

Babylegs and Hospital stays

Hey everyone!

Isaac had his doctor appts on Tuesday, and they went well!  For now, he won't need surgery! Turns out that instead of the bones overlapping like the radiologist thought, his are more opened on one side.  We will be trying to correct this with sleep positioning and see how that goes.  He also has a very small soft spot!  Hoping this will work, and the "bowing" out parts fix itself.

The second appt was to the sleep doctor who thinks it's apnea.  We already had a feeling about this, especially since it's common with reflux.  Oh and the fact that we've seen him stop breathing alot while asleep, but it's really noticeable when he's nursing and sleeping.  He ends up choking.

June 17th is when he goes into the hospital overnight for testing.  July 7th is when we go back to discuss findings.

Time to jinx myself: We've had 2 great nights with minimal thrashing!

Now onto Babylegs! 

They were suggested to me from a friend for Isaac's hospital stay.  They will keep him warm in his hospital gown, hold cords and make his diaper more easy to access.  Then I researched them and fell in LOVE!

They have ADORABLE patterns, they will save his knees when crawling, great for when we potty train AND (if they need another AND!) they exceed 50+ UPF wet or dry!  Did I mention that I went ahead and ordered 8 pairs this week?  I figure with summer here and how fast he's growing, that I won't buy pants this summer! Just use his summer onsies and shorts with the babylegs on those cooler days!  (probably the only thing I've bought thus far that will grow with him!)

I also ordered him a new car seat and a pair of Babylegs to match it!  obsessed? yesssssss

********We're attending a wedding in 3 weeks - here's his outfit! Daddy will also be sporting a bow tie and suspenders! ha!**********

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