Friday, April 15, 2011

From Crazy - To Impossible

I am LUCKY if I get 2 hours straight of sleep at night.  LUCKY. and I mean just 1 two hour stretch!

This is week 3 of this, and I am afraid that I don't know how much longer my body can do it.  The other night at 4am, I had to get my husband to take him, because I was so exhausted, that I couldn't tell if I was holding him too tight, or not tight enough. 

I should mention that he's not screaming through the night.  He simply can't lay still.  He's moving and fighting so much that if I don't pick him up and rock him, or pat him right away, he wakes up with a sad pitiful cry.  I've tried propping him up and he most definitely hates it.  He only wants to held with his head on my shoulder.  It's the only way he won't fuss and the only way to ensure HE gets a solid sleep.

However, last Friday was different.  It was the 2nd day where he was inconsolable.  He was in so much pain that he had actual tears pouring down his cheeks.  The moment I saw that, I knew he needed to be seen. 

We headed to a pediatricians office we've never been to before because ours was on vacation.  I was not Happy when we arrived.  I was an old ugly house converted into an office with equipment that I think MY pediatrician used on me when I was 2.  The doctor was a story teller.  He couldn't say much without breaking into a song and dance.  annoying

I told him how he hadn't had a good sleep in 2 weeks, how he's up all night squirming, whining and grunting like he needs to toot...and he said it's the reflux.  He looked in Isaac's nose and really loud said "Yup! just as I figured, red and swollen.  It's the reflux!"  After hearing that and his breakdown as to why baby is fussing and grunting, it made sense at the time. "One time he had discomfort from his bowels and when he pushed, he felt relief, so that's what he remembers. Push and the pain goes away, so when he's in pain from the reflux, he pushes because of that one memory"  Awww Poor guy! so were on our way with another script for Zantac.

Prevacid 1x/day.  Zantac 3x/day. (pharmacist was a bit concerned since it was on the high end of dosage for his weight)

First thing Saturday morning he had his 1st ER visit. The screams were NOT normal.  The ER doctor said baby needs to see a specialist, and started him on ANOTHER med. Carafate.  He looked in his nose and said it was normal.  He wasn't sure what the pediatrician thought he saw......

We finally got him booked for Tuesday morning at 9am with the specialist.  Is it Tuesday yet?

This was last nights schedule

8:45 - Fell asleep
9:15 - Started to stir /pat
9:30 - Moving and kicking, smacking self in the face /pat
10:00 - whining /pat /nurse
I fell asleep!
11 - repeat but every 10 mins
By time 2 hits, I pick him up, bounce him, and then tried to lay him down again.  didn't work! light sleep. repeat
3:10 - Got him down!
3:15 - squirm and smacking AND whining /pat
That didn't work.
Bounce, pat lay him propped up.  Nope
4:20 - Finally got him down!
5:50 - Back up

F-it! I got up, turned on the lights.  Talked to my smiley boy.  Had a warm bath together.  Sang some songs,. and he was out at 6:30 till 8.  squirming the entire time, waking himself up. As I laid there and cat napped every 4 mins between the next set of pattings on his side.

He sleeps all day upright in my arms cause he's exhausted too!  Praying for solutions on Tuesday!


Breast update

Ultrasound and mammogram came back inconclusive.  My Gyno's office has been calling twice a week since then (2 weeks) to schedule another appt (followup), but right now I just can't.  I'm exhausted, Isaac is pooped out, and the lady the Breast place told me it looked great to her, probably fatty breast tissue =)

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  1. Have you followed up about this yet?