Friday, September 3, 2010

The Move is ON!

My husband got the job offer through his work!  For supervisor role!  Which means double the money, and RELOCATION!

The poopy side....

Need to sell my Canadian Van
Need to reroll daughters school for online
Need to Pack
Need to do alot of this ALONE while husband goes and finds us a HOUSE!
Need a new OB
Need a moving company for help...
Worried about my gremlin dog in a car for 8+ hours

Oh, did I metion that all of this has to go down in 3 weeks?  Lord help me!


  1. Whoohoo for the job offer and even more for a supervisor role! Yay! The move....well, that's not so much fun right now. Just keep focusing on the yay part and NO LIFTING!

  2. YIKES, that's a fast move! Good luck with everything!