Monday, July 11, 2011

What the Food?!!

Isaac turned 5 months old on Friday! He weighs in at 18lbs and is now 26"long

Oh! and guess who's sleeping through the night? ISAAC!!!  yup, my restless boy has learned to sleep =)  There are still a few nights where he will fuss a bit, but I think that's because we've started solids and he's a bit backed up.

He's been eating Organic Oatmeal since his 4 month Birthday and seriously started off as a pro!  Now he's a Foodie.  I bought The Baby Bullet when he was only 2 months old, and just started making him his fresh Organic foods. YUM!

Every morning he has his Oatmeal and every other day I add some Prunes to it.  And for dinner he has a Veggie.  He enjoys eating, and I'm afraid he doesn't know his limit yet! He makes a "UH" noise with his mouth wide open when he wants more.  So adorable!  It's funny the faces he makes with new foods, but after the 3rd bite he loves it!

Here are some pictures of our adventures with food

Discovering his sippy cup

He LOVES Oatmeal

Frozen Apple juice/water on a hot day

"I hate Prunes!!" /yuck

"Wait, I like them!!"

Green Beans

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  1. aww how sweet! I love those food faces! I can imagine myself making the same one over prunes! Glad that he is sleeping through the night now!!!